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BACKSTAGE: Marchesa Spring 2012


BACKSTAGE: Marchesa Spring 2012

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vaderisintown-deactivated201408 yesterday I accused my boyfriend being reckless. we've talked about it,then I left the room. (we live together and we've been together for a year now) he never leave the room and didn't said anything to me. not a word. he slept,I couldn't sleep and cried all night. I took my pillows and fell asleep on the couch. I didn't want to talk with him today and he sent a thousand emails. he says he loves me more than anything but I don't believe him anymore.. I'm confused. what should I do?

Sounds like you’ve been through a bad ordeal there :( You probably need to let him have the benefit of the doubt, he says he loves you why not risk it and give him another chance and accept he loves you. Show him just how much you care about him too so he understands.

mm-margiela My parents don't want me dating but I really enjoy it, and no I don't like it for the sexual pleasures but simply because there is a reason to wake up and know someone will hug you and comfort you when nobody else can. I said yes to this guy today but I don't know if I can take the risk of getting caught again. Last time my parents found out, they absolutely freaked out on me and didn't give me any freedom, even walking to school alone. They're seriously strict when it comes to guys. Advice?

Sounds like they are really strict about it, but saying yes was what you wanted and you have a right to do that! Run the risk but take it seriously cautiously because you don’t want them freaking out again, although it sounds like they’re honestly freaking out over very little, you sound very mature and besides you already said it’s not about the sexual pleasures of dating that you specifically like. Also let the guy know, I think, about just how protective they can be, because you have said yes to him and he needs to understand the whole situation first! But yeah, take it easy and don’t get caught! x

Anonymous a friend and i have known that we like each other for more than two years but never dated because of school and distance. we're both on the shy side and although we did hold hands and cuddle at one point in our "relationship", i feel like it's really difficult for us to reconnect each time since we don't get to see each other often at all, especially with the "just friends" label. he might be coming up to my university to visit this weekend, what do you think i can do to bring up our intimacy?

Aw that’s adorable, try to make time to hang out and just put aside your shyness! Or at least attempt to! Once you start doing stuff, hanging out more, the shy in both of you will fade so quickly. Go for it! xx

Anonymous I met a guy 2 wks ago. We have been flirting a bit, texting everyday, and I really like him, but he never asks to hang out. I call him boyfriend and he calls me girlfriend, but we are just mucking around. Anyway, last week I texted him & said "happy one week anniversary! :D", & today he just facebook commented me saying "it's our 2 weeks soon, big anniversary dinner?" - what do u think he meant by that?! should i take it as a joke. should i try make something happen. i really want to see him :(

No way, if you actually really want to see him go for it! :D Sounds like he’s really into you, I know boys do joke around but honestly not THIS much, he sounds perfect! Give it your all, definitely make time to hang out! And that dinner! xx

Anonymous My mum just pretty much bashed my 2 younger brothers who are 9 and 11.. they were being really, really annoying and rude but that shouldn't be an excuse. I feel like I want to run away just to be away from all of the fighting. Mum started crying after she had done it but it still is really bad.

Talk to her about it because she knows she was in the wrong if she cried and felt regret afterwards, so talk it out with her, show her how much it affects you as well. Make her see that it isn’t okay and if she does it again, tell someone.

untilserendipity Me & my ex boyf broke up over 7mnths ago & I have found it really hard to get over him. Great guys have come into my life and I just could not fall for them.. Until last week I found the perfect guy. We have great conversations & msg each other all the time. BUT! I just found out on his facebook that him and his ex only broke up 1 month ago. To make things worse, she is the spitting image of me! She is half asian * so am i. Now i'm scared i'm just the rebound. What do u think? We're both 20 btw

Okay so a month may not seem like long but for guys, if they’re on the rebound it’s usually pretty quick smart. For some reason this doesn’t sound like he is at all, honest opinion is go for it, just don’t rush things I guess until you figure out what his intentions really are? If you haven’t fallen for anyone since your ex, except this new guy, he must be pretty amazing and you have a lot more to gain than lose! Go for it, good luck xx

Anonymous i don't think i have any friends. i think they all hate me. how can i find out if anyone genuinely likes me?

How do they act around you? Could just be a matter of they are snobby people who don’t deserve your time. Stay strong ♥

Anonymous I asked for space with my boyfriend, I explained to him why. I still stayed with him at times to show him I still care. But he acts like I'm a total stranger. I tried getting attention like I'm already in his face (not litteral and not to IN HIS FACE) and still NOTHING. My friend said he was looking at me but I doubt anything was in his mind. I dont know,I told myself I would give him a chance. If this goes on my plan is to breakup. Is this the right thing?

Yes it’s the right thing. You don’t deserve to be treated that way, fair enough he could feel unsure now after you asked for space, normal for him to now wonder what he’s done wrong, feel a bit confused, but it shouldn’t be carrying on and on longer than that. Tell him how much he means to you and explain again to him why you asked for space and that you still need him and can’t handle the way he’s acting towards you, etc. Give him that chance, persuade him that you’re both still good and that you hate the way he’s treating you now. Good luck xx

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